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Work where you’re inspired, challenged and recognised.

Our current openings

Dive into our Culture

Is Boring

Why take the route that’s less taken? Why do the same things in different ways? Why ask so many rhetorical questions? Because who wants to be boring!

Keep It Simple

Buttons. Zippers. Safety pins. Caps to store extra popcorns. The greatest ideas are the simplest ones. So whether expressing yourself or solving problems, keep it simple, silly!

Act Like An Owner

We are the masters of our idea, our plans and ambitions. At PivotRoots, we don’t work for anyone, we work for us. For we are PivotRoots, and PivotRoots is us.

Bring Your

Tell us what you want to do. Anything from world domination to saving the polar bears is fine with us. You know how to uncork a wine bottle without a corkscrew? Give us a holler!

One For All,
All For One

We’re only as strong as our weakest link. Therefore we can only grow, when we grow as a team; together in this, in rain and shine. And we are lucky, for we have the best team in the world!

Stay Curious
Keep Learning

No matter what we do, we are driven by curiosity. It is our desire to do something new, learn something better to create something that's never been created, binds us together.

Strive For

Let’s push the barrier, let’s make something that’s never made before, let’s think the way things haven’t been thought before. Being good is passé, let’s strive for excellence!

Work First

We love what we do. When we say love, we mean we obsess about it! When you work with brands with dreams, people with ambitions, ideas with imagination, is it a wonder, that for us, our work comes first!

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Current Openings

  1. Technical Project Manager | Location: Mumbai | 31 May

    4-6 years

  2. Data Scientist | Location: Mumbai | 29 May

    6-8 years

  3. Software Tester | Location: Mumbai | 18 May

    3 - 6 years

  4. Graphic Designer | Location: Mumbai | 15 May

    3 - 5 years

  5. UI/UX Designer | Location: Mumbai | 28 March

    Experience 2 - 8 years

  6. Technical Consultant | Location: Noida | 13 February

    Experience: 5-10 years

  7. Data Engineering | Location: Mumbai | 15 May

    Experience : 4-5 years

  8. Manager - Media Planning | Location: Mumbai | 15 May

    Experience : 4-5 years

  9. Copywriter | Location: Mumbai | 29 May

    Experience : 1-5 years

  10. Account Lead - Social Media | Location: Mumbai | 15 May

    Experience : 6-9 years

  11. Magento Developer | Location: Mumbai | 23 November

    Experience: 5-6 years