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Leveraging data insights to
create top performing content and bring down the CAC

  • SEO
  • Fintech

Leveraging data insights to create top performing content and bring down the CAC

  • SEO
  • Fintech
  • About Brief

    Founded by Sayali Karanjkar and Prashanth Ranganathan, PaySense is a Mumbai-based financial startup now acquired by PayU. PaySense platform serves as a one-stop digital marketplace with both an app and a website, and it offers a variety of instant loans and online personal loans of up to ₹5 lacs to or self-employed individuals. PaySense’s USP is you are not required to submit any collaterals or possess a high credit score. By partnering with various NBFCs and Banks registered with the RBI for the disbursal of loans, Paysense has made the process of availing of a personal loan easy and convenient.

  • paysense

    The challenge:

    • New in the market

      As a fintech startup, the website and the app were new in the online fintech space

    • Tough competition

      Authoritative aggregators, major banks, and news portals posed tough competition to break into

    • Organic presence

      Low search rankings on web search and app store had kept the traffic low 

  • Implementation


    The website was in good form from a technical perspective. The analysis disclosed that the core web vitals were in sync with the guidelines of Google. However, the SEO team worked with our UX team to suggest a few recommendations to enhance the user experience by including prominent placement of Call to Action (CTAs) buttons to improve conversion rate.


    Content Experts identified gaps in the existing web content and took the following steps:

    • Created individual product and category pages with intent-based content for various target keywords. 

    • Enhanced existing category pages relevant to core keywords to improve relevancy and answer user queries in real time.

    • Refurbished the article around ‘the best loan apps’ to improve relevance further and rank better than the other affiliate websites that cost the brand some money.

    • Created a pool of Hindi articles of trending topics to capitalize on Vernacular queries. (पर्सनल लोन लेने का तरीका Hindi article got more than 183,000+ organic sessions in last 2 years).

    • Integrated rich media, namely infographics, into the content to improve stickiness on the web pages.

    • Encouraged users to share their opinions on the informational content to increase engagement on the website. 

    • Periodically made changes to the App description to ensure that the relevant queries and their semantics were placed correctly to improve relevancy. 

    • Helped the brand improve app reviews and ratings by reaching out to the current users and customers who were satisfied with the products and services. 

    • Published more than 124 articles about the brand and its product benefits on in Leading Media Publications that catered to the target audience to build the brand’s credibility.

    • Leveraged Quora to promote the brand and answer loan-related queries on the forum.


The results:

Our strategies yielded massive outcomes! PivotRoots is committed to providing innovative solutions for your brand, just like we did for PaySense.
  • paysense
    Grew website traffic:
    • The article drove over 170,000+ clicks
    • Impressions 5.7 million
  • paysense
    Outranked a news website:
    • The article drove over 170,000+ clicks
    • Impressions 5.7 million
  • paysense
    Improved Keyword Ranking:
    • Clicks & Impressions of Keywords ranking in the Top 5 have increased by 596% & 191%
  • paysense
    Improved App Downloads:
    • App visitors and installs through the Google play store have increased by 315% and 375%,
  • paysense
    Reduced Bounce Rate:
    • reducing the bounce rate by 25%

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