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Creating awareness about HPV and HPV related cancers

  • 360 Degree Digital Campaign
  • Pharma

Creating awareness about HPV and HPV related cancers

  • Pharma
  • 2022-23

India's first consumer focused campaign to create awareness about HPV and HPV related cancers

  • The challenge

    Negligible awareness around HPV amongst the young adult female

    Most commonly available information on the internet was too technical and written in medico legal terms

    Driving the TG to take the vaccination without giving them a detailed description of the vaccine was another major hurdle


The idea

We triggered the FOMO effect by asking the young adult female a simple yet hard hitting question -


We launched a DVC featuring India’s top Bollywood youth icon Sara Ali Khan and internet sensation Apoorva Arora who portrayed the fact that in the abbreviated world of OTD and IYKYK not knowing about HPV is the new FOMO

Watch the video to know more


More than 50+ Influential YAF’s across various categories like travel, lifestyle, sports, beauty etc. joined in the conversation and urged their followers to search about HPV


MSD India's social media channels had a mix of created and curated content based on the 3R approach to drive reach, relatability and resonance.

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