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Senior Manager - SEO | Location: Mumbai | 05 August

Job Description & Work Exp.

      - Knowledge Of Key Web Analytics Metrics

      - Basic HTML And CSS Knowledge

      - EXCELLENT Knowledge Of Latest SEO Techniques & Terminologies



      •  Strategizing SEO Activities
      • Interacting With Clients On A Weekly/Monthly Basis In Terms Of SEO Performance
      • Working On SEO Proposals
      • Interacting With Developers And Designers For SEO Purposes
      • Site Structure Analysis
      • Keyword/Content Strategy
      • Working On Keyword Ranking Reports
      • Monitor, Track And Reporting On Web Analytics Metrics
      • Research Competitor Links Structure
      • Internal Link Optimization Strategy

      Skills and Qualifications

      • Qualified in BA/ MA
      • Strong in written/oral communications.
      • Comprehends the context.
      • Smartness in Responding.
      • Should be Internet savoir-faire.